Crook County Democratic Party Bylaws

Crook County Democratic Central Committee By Laws (amended 2/12/2018 & 1/14/2019)

Article I.  Name:  Crook County Democratic Central Committee
Article II.  Purpose:  Further the objectives of the Democratic Party
Article III. Membership:  

Section 1.  Qualifications.  The membership shall be composed of Democratic
Precinct committee persons of each sex and of state of Oregon, elected or appointed, and qualified as precinct committee persons according to Oregon election laws.  In addition, full membership and voting privileges may be extended by vote of the central committee to a registered Democrat who is a resident of Oregon and (a) holds an office at a higher level of the Democratic party, or (b) holds a partisan political elective office or was nominated for a partisan political elective office at the preceding primary election.
Section 2.  Vacancies.  At any meeting subsequent to the organizational meeting, the central committee may elect by majority vote, persons to fill vacant precinct committee positions.  The chairperson shall announce nominees for vacant position in the notice for the meeting at which they are to be elected.  The chairperson shall invite nomination from the floor for the position reported upon.
Article IV.  Officers.
Section 1.  Roster.  The officers of this organization shall be a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  In addition, two (2) Delegates for each15,000 registered Democrats or major fraction thereof, within the county and one (1) Alternate Delegate for each delegate to the State Central Committee, two (2) Congressional District Committee Members for each Congressional District lying partly or wholly within the county and one (1) additional Delegate for each 15,000 registered Democrats or major fraction thereof, with the County and the Congressional District as the primary election, and one (1) Alternate for each Congressional District shall be elected at the organizational meeting.  Alternate delegates for the state central committee and congressional district committee shall be elected in rank order of replacement preferences.
Section 2.  Eligibility.  Any registered Democrat and legal resident of the state of Oregon, shall be eligible to hold office and/or act as delegates to the State Central Committee and the congressional district committee. A Temporary Delegate may be credentialed at any SCC meeting in the absence of elected delegates or alternates with the approval and notification by the Chair or Vice Chair.  If the chair or vice chair is not available for approval, proof of residency and registration as a Democrat must be provided by the Temporary Delegate.
Section 3.  Election. The officers and the delegates shall be elected at the organizational meeting.  Whenever there are two (2) or more nominees for the position, the method of voting shall be by ballot.  A majority vote shall be required for the election.
Section 4.  Term of office.  The officers and delegates shall be elected for terms of approximately two (2) years, or until their successors are elected.
Section 5.  Recall.  Officers and delegates shall be subject to recall for cause by a majority vote of the central committee at any meeting provided written notice of the basis for the recall was given at a previous meeting held no less than thirty (30) days prior.
Section 6.  Vacancies.  A vacancy in any office or any delegate shall be filled by a special election, with all nominations being made from the floor, held not less than
Fifteen (15) nor more than thirty (30) days after the vacancy occurs, or notice of the
Resignation is received, except that it shall be held at the same meeting at which a 
Vacancy is created by a recall vote.  In the event of a recall, names of available candidates may be included in the notice of the meeting of the special election. 
Section 7.  Duties.  The officers and delegates shall make available to the newly elected crook county central committee all property records and funds owned or controlled by the retiring committee, perform other duties specified for them in
Oregon revised statutes and customarily assigned to such position including:
A.    Chairperson:
Preside at all meetings of the Central Committee and Executive Committee.
Insure that the duties of the Secretary are performed in their absence.
Be responsible for conducting the correspondence of the organization Including filing a request with the County Clerk for updated County Precinct lists no later than 40 days prior to each general election.
Insure that County Central Committee meetings are organized.
Appoint a Chairperson from among the Delegates, Alternates or Temporary Delegates representing the County Central Committee at the State Central Committee or Congressional District Committee. This person is responsible for determining who is allowed to represent the Crook County Central Committee in Chair’s absence.
Obtain an official roll from the Crook County Clerk immediately prior to any meeting at which an election is to be held.
Submit a list of newly elected officer to the Crook County Clerk and the Secretary of the State Central Committee within forty-eight (48) hours of the election.
B.  Vice-Chairperson.
Preside in the absence of the Chairperson.
Supervise and assist in Committee operations.
Serve as the Central Committee’s Public Relations Coordinator.
C.  Secretary.
Take minutes of all Executive and Central Committee meetings and make copies available at all times for inspection by any member.
Keep an official copy of the By Laws as amended.
Assist with correspondence at the request of the Chairperson.
Assist with updated lists of registered Democrats in Crook County.
Prepare and distribute to Central Committee Members notice of Organization Meeting, designating time, date and place of meeting and lists of all officers and delegates to be elected.
File a copy of the Organizational meeting notice and mail a copy to the Secretary of the State Central Committee and the Crook County Clerk.
Provide all Central Committee members notice of meeting at least six (6) days prior to the meeting.
Notify County Clerk of changes in Precinct Committee persons.
D.  Treasurer.
Receive and account for all receipts and expenditure of funds.
Issue checks signed by the Treasurer or Chairperson.
Make a financial report available at each Executive and Central Committee Meeting.
Maintain an accounting for a petty cash fund not to exceed $25.
Make Treasurer’s books available for open inspection within 24 hours upon the request by any Central Committee Member.
Submit Treasurer’s books for audits at any time ordered by the Executive or Central Committee
Submit reports as required by State Statute and assure compliance with State regulations regarding use of party funds.
E. Delegates to the State Central Committee.

Represent the registered Democrats of Crook County as a member of the State Central Committee.
F.  Alternate/Temporary Delegates to the State Central Committee
Represent in place of Delegates as provided in the bylaws.
G.  Congressional District Committee Members
Represent the registered Democrats of Crook County as a member.
H.  Alternate/Temporary Delegates to the Congressional District Committee
Represent the registered Democrats of Crook County.
Article V. Meetings.
Section 1. Number. 6, including Organizational meeting, every twelve (12) months.
Section 2. Organizational Meetings. The first meeting of the newly elected Crook County Democratic Central Committee shall be the Organizational meeting held within 45 days after the General Election.
Section 3.  Call.  Meetings shall be called by the Chairperson, Executive Committee, the Membership of the previous meeting, or by petition delivered to the Secretary and signed by one or more precinct members of 20% of the precincts having Committee members.
Section 4.  Notice.  Members shall be notified of all meetings at least six (6) days prior.
Section 5.  Quorum.  A quorum shall consist of fifty (50) % of the members.
Section 6.  Parliamentary Authority.  The rules in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order newly revised shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable and in
which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws and any special rules of order of the
Crook County Democratic Central Committee may adopt.
Article VI.  Committees.
Section 1.  Roster.  Ad Hoc committees shall be formed by the Chairperson.
Section 2.  Membership.  Membership on a committee shall be open to any registered Democrat residing in Crook County
Article VII.  Executive Committee.
Section 1.  Roster.  The Executive Committee shall be made up of the following:
Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Delegates to the State Central Committee and Congressional District Committee and any Committee Chairperson.
Article VIII.  Amendments.
Section 1.  Procedure.  Amendments to these bylaws can be proposed by any
Precinct person of Crook County Oregon, State of Oregon, with a second to the
Section 2.  Ratification.  Amendments to these bylaws shall be ratified by two-thirds (⅔) vote of those precinct persons present at the time the motion is made.